Stable 12.0 Released

This version doesn’t have new content, but a lot of bug fixes and other changes that make it better. The next release (13.0) will have bunch of new content.

Previous saves will not work!

* Turns are not spent in many situations, for example when just browsing an inventory, cancelling actions or not having requirements met with spells
* Spellbooks have complete descriptions of the spells
* Balancings
* Console feature; powerful debugger
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Stable 11.4 Released

I hope this’ll be the last bug fix and so I can focus on the 12.0 major features.


Previous saves will not work!

* Improved Skill system

Bugs, mistakes and missing things
* Removed again the messages from standing on a door
* Fixed at least three crashes
* Fixed multiple situations where attack rolls were compared “greater” than armor class instead of “greater or equal”
– Corrected the tooltips

* Constitution now affects Resistance too with 1 Constitution being 5 Resistance
* Dexterity is now capable of avoiding traps
* Character screen shows now Passive Talents with effects
* Skills have been compressed to 0-5 from 1-9 with levels 1,3 & 5 giving a bonus to damage and 2 & 4 giving a bonus to accuracy
* Progress of how much of the character generation is complete is shown at the bottom of the character generation

* Alchemical ingredients (herbs, distilled waters) now go into their own menu and no longer use inventory slots

* Thorns becomes 1d3 instead of 1

– Rogue’s Stealth minimum duration is 50 turns instead of 30
– Rogue’s Light Step reveals traps instead of ignoring
– Cleric’s Aura of Holiness damages 1d3 instead of 1
– Warlock’s Corruption damages 1d3 instead of 1
– Paladin’s Aura of Regeneration renamed to Aura of Life
– Mage’s Spell Penetration renamed to Focused Mind
– Druid’s One with Nature renamed to Nature Bond
– Shaman’s Guided by the Spirits renamed to Spirit Guide

Recent bugs

It appears that dll errors appear after starting, this doesn’t seem to be harmful. I do have a fairly good idea though where it comes from, so I’ll try to fix it.

Also, there seems to be a crash with bows when shooting. I’ve fixed that too.

Stable 11.3 Released!

Previous saves will not work!

* More intuitive Attribute system
* Better monster target selection
* New Unique Items

Bugs, mistakes and missing things
* Fixed crash with spiders
* Fixed a bug with ranged monsters preferring to shoot at the player even behind walls if they saw an ally but not the player
* Higher level enemy casters can target allies too
– Fixed Ranged and Firearm skill increase messages
– No more damages with decimals
– Encumbrance no longer has ridiculous amounts of digits

* Attribute points are given only every three levels, but each of them gives a +1 bonus instead of previously it being +1 bonus for every 3 points
* Attribute point limit lowered from 15 to 6

* Adjusted every item’s Attribute requirements
* Unique unidentified equipment are identified upon Hardcore death
* Used lanterns become refillable, so only one will be required, this will save precious inventory space
* New Item: Lantern Oil; fills Lanterns and are stackable
* Removed Torches
* 4 New Unique Items at shops and monster drop tables

* Starting alignment is the deity’s alignment, if there’s one

* Fire Ants and Bees become slightly easier and no longer spread diseases