Feedback received

I received a feedback regarding inventory menus and how everytime it jumps out of the menu after equipping or unequipping items. The reasoning for this is the fact that I’ve wanted all the actions to be strictly one action per turn.

The only exception to this rule is that if you equip an item in a slot that’s already in use by some item, it will unequip the existing item and equip the wanted item all in one turn. So equipping a scale armor if you’ve got a leather armor equipped will unequip the leather armor and equip the scale armor.

Thank you for the feedback!

Stable 10.1 Released!

Mostly bug fixes and some other stuff

* Balancing
* New color scheme

–Full log–
Bugs, mistakes and missing things
* Removed the save when closing the game from the window close; this caused some weirdness when it saved upon crashing
* Monster ASCIIs W and V & w and v were switched
* Removed the mention of the upcoming class Shaman in the level up screen
– Character screen displays now Dexterity bonus with musket damage
– Removed mention of non-firearm weapons with Dexterity description
– Multiple minor bugs fixed

* New color scheme: all colors are changed, mostly in ASCII Mode
* Added an explanation for the Attribute system to the Help
* Inn food is 2 GP instead of 3 GP to make it more desireable
– Game Modes renamed to Rules to make way for the upcoming content

* Increased the rate of gradual potion effects greatly

* Bees are slightly weaker
* Fire Ants are slightly weaker