Stable 14 Released!


Previous saves will not work!

Talent and Deity Talent keys are moved to F1-F6 and F12 respectively
Resting is changed so that ‘r’ does the full rest and there’s no short rest anymore

! = major
* = minor
– = less than minor

! Different Game Modes; ability to play the game without any open world RPG features
! Improved shops
! Improved keyboard targeting
! Improved Talent/Deity Talent prompt confirmations
! Improved party members
! Larger inventory
! Improved weapon Quality system
! Furniture for inns and temples
! Upgraded libtcod to 1.6.3 from 1.5.2
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Stable 13 Released!

Previous saves will not work!

* New Class: Warlord: melee class
* New Class: Alchemist: ranged class
* Alternative Ending
* Thrown Weapons
* Improved Manual
* Ability to convert from Hardcore to Standard upon death and continue
* Sleeping
* Improved Party Members
* Mercenaries
* Automatic Bug Reporting
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