A bug that has been around some time

Some of you might have seen a bug that spells like ” unsupported operand type(s) for +: \’int\’ and \’NoneType\’ ” when attacking a monster.

I believe the problem is that either you’ve equipped a shield in main hand, or you have a weapon in off-hand but not in main hand.

The game doesn’t currently support having the only weapon in off-hand, or doing melee attacks while having a shield in main hand.

I shall fix this so that it won’t cause an error and make no damage, but melee armed combat will still then work properly (as in having the correct bonuses) only when there’s a melee weapon in main hand.

Stable 14 Released!


Previous saves will not work!

Talent and Deity Talent keys are moved to F1-F6 and F12 respectively
Resting is changed so that ‘r’ does the full rest and there’s no short rest anymore

! = major
* = minor
– = less than minor

! Different Game Modes; ability to play the game without any open world RPG features
! Improved shops
! Improved keyboard targeting
! Improved Talent/Deity Talent prompt confirmations
! Improved party members
! Larger inventory
! Improved weapon Quality system
! Furniture for inns and temples
! Upgraded libtcod to 1.6.3 from 1.5.2
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Stable 13 Released!

Previous saves will not work!

* New Class: Warlord: melee class
* New Class: Alchemist: ranged class
* Alternative Ending
* Thrown Weapons
* Improved Manual
* Ability to convert from Hardcore to Standard upon death and continue
* Sleeping
* Improved Party Members
* Mercenaries
* Automatic Bug Reporting
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