Stable 15.0 Released!

Previous saves will not work!

! = major
* = minor
– = less than minor

! Greatly optimized performance
! Cultural Talents
! Stronghold
! 5 New Quests
! 7 new Spells
! Rewritten Quest mechanics
! 1 new Background
! Bank is useful once again
! Named Currency
! UI improvements

Bugs, mistakes and missing things
! Fixed a bug when casting Steady Aim Talent
! Fixed a small memory leak with pathfinding when somebody other than player opens a door
! Fixed a small memory leak when summoning from spellbooks
! Fixed some dual-wield issues
! Fixed a bug with unequipping a CON bonus item and it not unequipping an item that depended on that bonus
! Updated libtcod to prevent some crashes when quitting
! Fixed dehydration damage not happening if starving too at the same time
* Fixed a bug with level memory that stored multiple times the explored tiles when leaving areas
* Fixed a bug where casting scroll of recall didn’t store a level in Eastdale
* Added missing “Dehydrated” status effect to the Character screen when dehydrated
– Fixed Port Victory’s ASCII arrows that indicate area transitions
– Multiple minor bugs fixed

! Removed generic fantasy name generation from character generation, only background specific names exist now
! The currency is called “Golden Duc” instead of just “Gold Pieces”
! Foreign Coins can be exchanged at the bank
! Stronghold Taxes are paid to the bank
! One tile of travel in the world map lasts 30 minutes instead of 20 minutes, with horse 15 minutes instead of 10 minutes, no changes to food though
! Removed buttons for Map and Character, they are accessed through the journal instead
! Removed empty spaces from the button rows
* Renamed Background to Culture
* Currency is informally called “Duc” or “Ducs” when it makes sense in the dialogues
* Changed Westerfall Cleric’s dialogue tree to be similar to others related to the Eilinmyr quest

Cultures (Backgrounds)
! New Background: Zlavgardia, a musket bonus culture
! Background’s Ranged bonus no longer affects muskets, instead a new Firearm bonus that’s given at background selection does it

! Added Cultural Talents; one Talent for each Culture, can be used once per day

! Weapon cannot be equipped in off-hand if main hand is empty
! Shield cannot be equipped in main hand if off-hand is empty
! Unequipping a weapon in main hand and having a weapon in off-hand will switch the weapon in off-hand to main hand
! Unequipping a shield in off-hand and having a shield in main hand will switch the shield in main hand to off-hand

! Gold Pieces are renamed to Golden Ducs
! Added Foreign Coins items to loot that can be exchanged into regular coins at the bank
* Small Shield renamed into Rondache

! 5 new quests, related to the Stronghold
! Shaman quest reward from the main quest is changed into a new, more satisfying spell, the previous Seer spell is available otherwise
! Mushrooms become quest items, are added into quest items instead of regular inventory, and no longer spawn after picking once
! Quests can now be opened from the quest log to see more details
! Quests are named

! New feature: a player owned castle

! New Divine Spellbook: Summon Skeleton
! New Divine Spellbook: Light; a magical lantern
! New Arcane Spellbook: Summon Blade
! New Arcane Spellbook: Recall; a spellbook version of the scroll
! New Druidic Spellbook: Summon Wisp
! New Demonic Spellbook: Summon Shadowhound
! New Shamanic Spellbook: Ice Storm; the main quest reward for Shaman
! New Shamanic Spellbook: Scrying; the previous quest reward (renamed Seer)
* Scroll of Recall (and the book now) can be cancelled when going from a town to a dungeon

! New Monster: Fruit Bat
! New Monster: Rat

! New Area: Castle of Amon (3 floors)
! New Area: Dungeons of the Castle of Amon (5 floors)
! New Area: Abandoned Sawmill
! New Area: Pond

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