Stable 15.6 Released!

Previous saves will not work!

! = major
* = minor
– = less than minor

! Dual rings
! Branch boss rooms connected to the Main Dungeon
! Cook in Stronghold
* XP adjustments
* Longer Message Log visible in the Journal (last 30 entries)

Bugs, mistakes and missing things
! Fixed items dropped on certain things being hidden from sight
* Fixed a bug in level transitions that happened after the final Stronghold quest
* Fixed finally the targeting issue on the northern and the western border of the map
* Fixed found and the starting lanterns having different price than bought ones
* Fixed the double digit input problem in the Bank
– Fixed a small typo in Dagodin’s Musket

! Two rings can be worn at the same time instead of one
* XP is adjusted so that the maximum Level is reached later in the game
* Added a longer Message Log to Journal
– Boots renamed to Feet in character screen
– Ammo renamed to Missile in character screen

* 1 new item for the Port Victory ship merchant

! Added exits back to the dungeon to the branch boss rooms, works two ways but is locked until the respective boss is killed
! Added a Cook to the Stronghold, gives one special food ration each day
* Added a well to the first area of Westerfall

* Toned down slightly some of the late game boss resistances

! Switched Python’s xml.etree.ElementTree XML parser to self-written one
! Added support for upcoming lore notes

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